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Logistic Services for US Manufacturers

Focus on growing your business; not on the operational details related to distributing your products.  We can be your Logistics Department; from import and transportation administration to warehousing and Order Fulfillment.  Need a customer service department; we can provide that too!  Let Windsor Direct provide the expertise and resources to manage all of the operational details from receipt of the customer order to compliant delivery of your products to the customer and follow-up support.

We provide a critical element for successful business growth; an Operations department.  There comes a point after you have developed a successful product and landed some important customers when you have to deliver – That requires an organization!

Don’t be caught with a successful product and an order book of prospective sales and only limited means to satisfy the demand.  We can be your organization; knowledgeable, established and flexible to meet your needs.  No need to carry the fixed organizational cost required for growth; pay only for the services that you need.   This takes a knowledgeable organization to provide the resources to develop and manage the operational aspects of your business.

  • Importation administration – We are experienced at importing products. We can manage the process for you through our freight forwarder and customs broker team.  All of the elements are in-place to provide a low-risk, cost effective way to get your products from the factory to your warehouse.  No need to worry about customs bonds, security paperwork or insurance; we can handle it!
  • Warehousing and order fulfillment – Clean, secure and insured storage along with efficient order administration. We can provide the people and systems to establish a logistics process for your business that will satisfy any and all customers that you develop.
    • We don’t just “pick & pack”!
      • Relieve yourself of the burden of establishing EDI capability to receive those large retail orders, navigating your customer packaging and shipping requirements.  We can establish compliant logistics procedures that will satisfy your customer’s requirements so that you can focus on growing your business.
    • Other administrative services – Think about your total business needs. What back office services will you need; warranty administration, customer service, inventory planning?  We can help!
    • Product Distribution – We can leverage your marketing efforts through our distribution channels. Depending on the product, we can develop a purchase agreement to buy and distribute your products to our customers.  We distribute our own products and, if there is a match, we can add your products to our line.  This would only be done, if it complements your marketing efforts and creates a “win-win” situation through a separate business arrangement.
    • Marketing assistance – We can help you market your products, through our company affiliation with TSB Sales Development LLC. This would be a separate business arrange that is available, if desired.